Ok...this is a stupid one.  I have IE 4.0 right now, i'm debating whether i want to upgrade to 5.0.  the only reason i'm hesitant is because i don't want to lose 4.0, i would like to keep that to be able to test my pages on.  is there anyway i can upgrade to 5.0 without losing 4.0?  i have two hard drives if that helps.
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chewymonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If all you want IE4 is to test your pages; when you install later editions of IE5, during the install process you have the option to retain IE4 also.  It has decreased functionality in the goodies, but it will display pages and surf normally.  If you are installing from the MS site, read everything carefully as you go along because you get only one chance and it is not very obvious.  MS seems to prefer you just upgrade and forget about the old stuff.  For an author, having both is useful.
brunoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, i almost didn't find the option, but luckily i did and now IE 5 is up and running.  i also have Q.10230281 in the ASP area if you know anything about ASP.


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