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how do I run the setup on a 386 compaq computer(4048ht8h2471), during the start up?Is there a way with the keyboard or do I need a program(and if so, where can I get it?)
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RoadWarriorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ah, found it, this zip file contains the setup and diagnostics for most of compaqs old 286 and 386 systems,
to fit on one 720k (or bigger) disk...
to fit on 2x360k 5.25ins disks...

More support information for your system can be found here...


Road Warrior
blueseaAuthor Commented:
get me an answer soon!!!!!!!!!
Turn on the computer, and press-and-hold the space-bar, for a long time.

Or, turn on the computer, and press F10.

Or, turn on the computer, and press CTRL-ALT-ENTER.

Or, turn on the computer, and press DEL.

Try these.

If they all fail, go to COMPAQ's web-site,
and download the Setup/Diagnostic tools.
I think a lot of compaq 386s had an external setup program. I was trying to find it for you but seems too time consuming without knowing the model number.
RoadWarrior is correct for the old Compaq Deskpro computers.

If you have an old Compaq Prolinea 286, 386, etc. go to:

and DOWNLOAD   SP1363

This is the softpaq for these old Compaq PROLINEAs.
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