do i need extra software to use a decrepeater hub?

I've got a decrepeater with 16 t-base-10 sockets. dec say it's a hub and uses 2 twisted pair ethernet connections. as well as the pinouts - which is another ongoing question - would anybody tell me if i need extra software to use the hub on a win95 network?

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No. Hubs require no special software to work.

You have, of course, to have the essential networking software correctly installed and configured: services, clients, protocols, drivers. None of them are, however, hub-specific.


not at all, connect a cable (RJ45orCAT5)
from the back of the pc's to the hub --other than the uplink port on the hub!--

when u turn the hub on, make sure the pc's are also on... the light's above the ports on the hub should light up telling you theres a connection.

good, now you have established a connection... now the pc's need to communicate..

right click on network neighborhood, click properties... click ADD, click PROTOCOL, click MICROSOFT, and click IPX/SPX compatible protocol, then click ADD.

next, there should now be 2 IPX/SPX protocols listed, one for (dial up adapter) and one for (your ethernet card)... click on IPX/SPX for the dial up adapter and click REMOVE.

next, click on the IPX/SPX for your ethernet card and click PROPERTIES, click the square so theres a checkmark in the (i want to enable netbios over...) click OK,

now there should appear a netbios protocol in the list... good

now make the primary network logon be WINDOWS LOGON in the dropdown box.

button and check both boxes.

dont click anything else yet!

next, click the identification tab at the top and MAKE SURE all computers on the network have the EXACT same workgroup name.. and that when windows is started, you log in instead of hitting cancel.

well, the hard parts done... click ok, let it sit until it asks for the cd-rom
then it will tell you it need to restart. click YES to restart.

when it comes back up all you have to do is share folders... thats done by going to "my computer" on the desktop...
right click on your hard drive or anything you want accessed over the network (C: CD-ROM) and then click SHARING.

now just click the "shared as" and hit OK. congrats... your done!
goto NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD on the desktop and you should be able to see whatever you just shared on any computer
set up like that on the the network.


TIP - press F5 to refresh anything in windows (ie.. network neighborhood, explorer)


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andruAuthor Commented:
thanks viroy, thats what i wanted to know. err, i don't suppose you do the same thing with tcp/ip eh.

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