WRONG clock time after screensaver

Why does my clock suddenly give the wrong time after I come back from my screensaver?  I tried upgrading APMD to the newest version but it is still not working.  I am using a PII 300 DESKTOP Redhat 6.0, with Gnome 1.053 with xscreensaver 3.17.  I must reboot to get the correct time again...Thanks in advance!! :)
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foxrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless you really need the apmd running, I would simply disable the daemon. You can do this from linuxconf or setup.  This should fix your problem.  I have had similar problems with other platforms and apm.  Ideally your screensaver would resync the clock on exiting.
dn415Author Commented:
I tried this, (i.e. disabling APM totally) and the clock still came up incorrect after the screensaver.  I no longer think APMD is to blame here.  Any more suggestions anyone?
Thanks! :)
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