DSL and Security

I have just got a DSL service. What can I do to increase security to keep people out?

I'm using W98 SE. Is it enough to disable file sharing, or should I do something else?

I woulld like to avoid a proxy server arrangement.
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Disabling file and printer sharing will go a long way to prevent you from being easily seen, but not from being probed. You may want to consider a modified proxy similar to black ice in order to avoid the complexities of a full proxy, but also to protect yourself if you feel it is warranted.
MoMarviAuthor Commented:
If I continue with just the file and printer sharing disabled, do I expose myself to damage from the outside?

What actually do I expose myself to?
Although personally I feel that your actually exposure to some form of probative effort to be small, the threat is ever increasing. You do not have to do anything at all to enable exposure. Internet Access in all forms relies upon the TCP/IP protocol, and ultimately to the assignment of a TCP/IP address to your computer. With that address available, a hacker can probe your computer via your connection while online.

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MoMarviAuthor Commented:
So, I guess short of a proxy server arrangement, I am exposed to data loss from someone acessing my computer, and deleting files.
In short, yes. However it comes down to a decision as to (A) the remote possibility of someone doing that, and (B) if there is data on your system that someone may want to copy or delete.

Obviously, if you're working with data that is in any manner sensitive, then you may want to consider some sort of firewall. But if your data isn't all that sensitive, then its a decision call.

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