Remove carrige return line feed from a string

I have a $variable received from a HTML textarea form. EG:


I want to remove the newlines (carrige return line feeds)from it, so that it looks like:
This is a test
I have tried $variable =~ tr/\n/ /;
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Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
# search and replace CR with nothing
$variable =~ s/\n//;
Actually I would be happy for haast to get the points - he is so near.  But you need:
$variable =~ s/\n//g; #globally replace all line-feeds with nothing
$variable =~ s/\r//g; #globally replace all carriage-returns with nothing

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Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
Global flag is not needed as the sample data only conains one CR per line.
\n is the new line delimiter for your operating system, meaning LF for Unix or CR/LF for Windows/DOS, there should be no need to explicitly remove carriage returns.

jhurst, the normal etiquitte here is to submit answers as comments and let the questioner decide which ones to accept.
Why do you say that $variable =~ tr/\n/ /; does not seem to work?
haastAuthor Commented:
teraplane thank you for your suggestion (it did not solve the problem), jhurst is 100% correct the g flag is ESSENTIAL and also besides the =~ s/\n// the =~ s/\r// is ESSENTIAL too.

And I concur with the comment on etiquitte, however, I do understand enthusiasm, so let us all learn from this.

Best Regards,

PS: ozo you are not forgotten as a potential helper as well.

Thank you ALL.
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