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I have an HP Photo Printer that has recently stopped allowing me to print from paper in my IN tray.  It will allow me to manually feed it, but it will not pick up the paper in the IN tray, no matter how many sheets I have in it.  I have not changed any setting on the printer, nor dismantled it, etc.  The properties of the printer are set with the paper source as being the IN tray.  Any suggestions?
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bparnesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with you that this is a hardware maintenance problem. Here's a link to instructions from HP called "Paper is not picked up or fed into the printer properly":


Follow the maintenance instructions given there, then let us know how things are. In particular, do the following:

Turn off the printer using the power button; then, unplug the power cord from the printer and remove the paper tray. Power the printer back on without the paper tray installed; the printer should come up in the ready mode (green LED on steady); this should put the paper pick mechanism back into the correct state. Remove any media from the paper tray, put 5 to 10 sheets of plain paper in the tray (adjust the paper guides tightly against the paper edges, but do not crimp the paper), and install the paper tray. Do a Diagnostic Test by holding down the printer Power button until the red and green lights flash simultaneously. Release the Power button; then, immediately press and release the power button once. The green light will start to flash, and the printer will print out the Diagnostic Test page. If the page prints OK, then the photo printer is ready to use again.

Good luck.
Have you checked the settings in your application to make sure thye do not have it selected as manual i.e. when you go into msword and select file print if you were to go to properties isit set for the correct tray ?

does this just happen from one application ?

Does it attempt to pick up paper at all ?

What version of windows are your running ?

what applications does this happen in?

Are you running any other devices to your printer port i.e. zip drives, scanners, tape backups ?
waterwayAuthor Commented:
My printer properties settings are for the correct tray.  This happens when I try and print from any application.  The printer seems to attempt to pick up the paper but when it fails I always get an error telling me that there is no paper in the 'IN' tray.  

I am running Windows 98 and dual booting with NT.  No other devices to my printer port.

I'm guessing that it's a hardware problem rather than a software one, as I haven't changed anything and it suddenly stopped working.
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