How to crack user's Password!

Presently there are about 1000 or more user's but I am trying to re-certify their ID but some user have there password change? and I need to update them please help me out here...
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pentapodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need to know their password to recertify them.  The correct way to do it is to go to the public address book, highlight their name but do not open the document.  Then go to Actions and Recertify Person.

In order for this to work properly you need to make sure you (a) have rights to do this, (b) have a copy of the certifier ID and know the password, (c) have CERTLOG.NSF on your server, and (d) the adminP process is running properly on your server and replicating with the administrative server of your domain.

When you request the recertification in the address book, the request will be passed to the AdminP process (ADMIN4.NSF) which will replicate to the administration server of your domain (if your server isn't it).  The administration server should be checking this database regularly and next time it checks will approve the recertification.  Then this approval has to replicate back to the replica of the database on your local server, this then updates the CERTLOG on your server.  The next time the client opens Notes they should see a small message flash at the bottom of the screen saying something like "updating certificate".  NB - if the user being recertified is dialling in, they actually have to open a database on the server in order to receive the new certificate.

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