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Hi, I'm using VB6 (with NT SP4) - and virtually every day, some menu items from VB disappear and I have to re-add them. The most common are 'references' and 'components'.. this is really frustrating - as I know that I'm not deleting them.

Has anyone else come across this ???
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I have the same problems.

This is certainly due to the fact that you have installed some addins wich are not well initialized, or removed.

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smeggheadAuthor Commented:
Do you think a re-install is in order ??
What addins do you have?
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smeggheadAuthor Commented:
The enabled / loaded ones are..

Source code control
VB 6 Property Page Wizard
Visual Basic 6 Resource Editor
Visual Component Manager
Windows CE Toolkit for VB 6

There are loads of other ones which aren't loaded.
All from Microsoft :)

Try to remove the Windows CE Toolkit, maybe this is this one that causes problems

Hi Smegghead,

I've had this prob B4 - the DLL that manages this is COMCAT.DLL.

OLE groups all components into functional categories called Component Categories. COMCAT.DLL is used to identify the areas of functionality that a component may support and provides the functionality to register and unregister components into specific Component Categories. This way when Visual Basic opens the Components dialog it can categorize the components into Controls, Designers and Insertable Objects without displaying every object and class registered on the system

Do a search for this file (should be in \WINNT\System32), drop out to a command prompt and REGSVR32 it...

If you can't find it copy it from another machine or from the VB installation media.

Installing of SP3 for VS98 is highly recommended as well

FYI: My version (from the WINNT\System32 directory is v4.71 with a filesize of 22,288 bytes)

Hope this helps...
smeggheadAuthor Commented:
Not sure if you follow this question, it's not the components that aren't appearing it's menu items, for example 'Components', 'References', 'Toolbox', 'Remove...' etc. that are going missing....

I won't reject this yet as you might be right.

PS. Where can I get SP3 for VS98 ??
I understood your error to be as follows:

When you choose to view the Component dialog in Microsoft Visual Basic, either by clicking on the Project menu and selecting Components or by using the activation keys CTRL+T, the following error appears:

Class not registered
Looking for object with CLSID: {0002E005-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

After clicking OK, the Component dialog opens and no components are displayed.

However if this is not what it is then it must be a registry problem...

I would strongly suggest uninstalling VS98 to sort out the aforementioned registry probs and immediately afterwards install SP3 for VS98

SP3 for VS98 can d/loaded @ the following URL:

Be warned - it's over 120MB!
smeggheadAuthor Commented:
Derek, yeah sorry, it's the actual menu items, not Components that are dissapearing... Sorry if you got the wrong end of the stick..

Hmmm, SP3 120 meg arggghhh

In the meantime, I've done as Waty suggested and removed all 'add-ins' and re-added all the ones that I know I want. Then 'reset' all menus to contain what they should.. it's been ok so far, but only time will tell..

I'll get back to you both soon....
TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
smegghead: just to reassure you (well a bit) I too had this problem, but then it went away. I don't remember what I did to fix it but I think that it was a re-install of SP4 rather than a reinstall of VB.
smeggheadAuthor Commented:
Thanks waty, the problem has not reared it's ugly head again since I fiddled with the add-ins.. the only menu I cant reset is the one you get when you right click on the 'Project Exporer'.
smeggheadAuthor Commented:
I'd nearly sorted out the problem, then VB crashed and refused to restart... I had to re-install... Only took about 2 mins.. I thought I'd have to uninstall / install / reconfigure etc... but I suppose MS must have realised that we'd be re-installing on a monthly basis.. :-)

Thanks everyone for your comments.. I'm going to award the points to waty as he understood the problem and came up with a solution - which temporarily worked..
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