Multiple user's accessing a single *.mdb


I want to have a front-end appl which accesses the Access 97
database. The front-end has been designed using Visual Basic
so I access the database using OpenDatabase method of the
Workspace object etc.

Now what i want to do is add more computers (i.e a network)
and so have more people accessing that *.mdb (database file)
all using the same front-end. But i want the database file to
be just on that one computer. So how do I write the path for
eg OpenDatabase method because the C: drive refers to the
local drive.

Is N: where refers to the network drive allowed??

And does Win98 allow this or do i need NT.

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simonbennettConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This should be fine. Just specify a network path for the .mdb in the opendatabase method, "N:\shared\data.mdb" for exmaple will work fine in 9x/NT as long as the network drive is mapped by the OS, i.e you can see it in explorer. You may find though that not all clients will attach as N:\ inwhich case you can use a UNC, such as


Good Luck

UNC is your best bet.
on the first RUN on each station - prompt the user with FileCommonDialog to spcify the dB location on the Network.
since the person installing the Application is not an ORDINARY USER - he'll be the first to run it and spcify the correct location.
you should save this location in the REGISTRY, and read this value each time you need to open the dB.
you may allow the user to change this value from some menu, for case that the location will be changed in the future.
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Also note when you get the file opened as described
above, you may need to arbitrate access to it depending
on your application. I.E you may need to mess around with
the various locking mechanisms. Note Access 2000 now
supports record level locking.
meluAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys for the long delay ....comp wasn't set up,
then hard disk crashed ....and with Millinimum celeb


50 points to simonbennett - both mapping the drive
and UNC is fine. I think will stick to UNC.


meluAuthor Commented:
Simon ,

please read my previous comment.

I have already given you 50 points...

so this question is already finished...

Thanks, AGAIN
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