Hi Guys,

From time to time I am getting this strange message on my server's Console :
PANIC: LookupHandle: handle not allocated.
Do u know what is the reason ? and what can I do to solve it cause the Notes is getting stuck and all I can do is restarting the server.
Please help !!!!!

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PANIC can appear in this context :

An attack overflow on the ldap_search request in the NLADP service stops all Domino services running on the affected machine.

This security problem is corrected after 4.6.6 version.

Otherwise, I already saw PANIC outside this context, with no explanation.

would be pleased to know more
Hi orp,

This may due to space problem. Check your disk space and clear some space and try.

orpAuthor Commented:
I have a lot of free disk space.
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Without the version info, I can only offer if recently upgraded to R5 but not the pab, then the smtpmta is probably out of date and needs the 1.2 version.
orpAuthor Commented:

I have notes version 4.51 and the MTA is v1.2.
Panic errors are mostly associated with SMTP, some messages contains some bad pointers can bring down the whole server.  It happenned on several occasions with me.  Sometimes removing the SMTP databases, and restarting the SMTP will help, coz it will create new  db's.  I have read in many places also that putting the notes data directory to the NT path can help, but didnt try it. u must always check the logs to see what was the last actions happening on the server before this message, this will help u diagnose the problem better.
Some tool to help with that also might be these 2 notes.ini variables:
u will receive a text file with the thread number and the error, so u can keep track.
Also I remember once in my system runnig updall was causing a panic error.
Hope this gives u a clue.

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