Shortcut on startmenu

Hi all,
I want to create a shortcut on the startmenu, how do I do that?
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freterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
depends on where in the startmenu you want to place it.
on the bottom line, it is just creating a shortcut on the folder
"C:\WINNT\Profiles\All Users\Startmenu"

as you may already have guessed, the name of this directory is highly variable (depends on wether your app runs on Win9x/WinNT and the language of the OS). therefore, you should check the right location by calling SHGetSpecialFolderLocation with the CSIDL_PERSONAL and CSIDL_APPDATA constants, respectively.

more information on creating shortcuts and using the SHGetSpecialFolderLocation function can be found on UNDU:

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