installing JAVA

Can Somebody PLEASE.................. help me as to how I can install JDK release 1.1.6 or higher version on linux.I am very new in linux.
Which are the Files I have to download and how should I install it please Can Somebody Tell me in detail,I would be very gratefule To U all.
Thanks in advance
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jbarneswebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The most popular jdk for Linux is at 
which boasts stable versions to 1.1.8 and
a 1.2 beta.

However, IBM has recently announced its own
jdk for Linux with its own JIT optimization.
It is currently at 1.1.8 and plans to release
a 1.2 soon.

The install instructions are in the standard
README files
see a web page i made for a college course in java that i'm taking. it details the setup of java on a linux computer
please ask if you have any questions
yes, the linke which i posted more than five hours ago details the installation of blackdown linux with step by-step instructions

jbarensweb- you're new here so i'll go easy, it's polite to comment first when more than one person is involved in providing answers, that way the asker can pick the comment that is most worthy as an answer
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