rights to user

How can I give certain rights like shutting down to a particular user.
Please let me know.
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change the 'group' permission of the program you want to use so that the group can execute (chmod g+x)

Then add the user to that group.


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arun_k_cAuthor Commented:
No the information  I wanted was how to give the su rights to users
ie shutting down the computer,fdisk,formating etc..
Please let me know
chmod 4544 <filename>
problem is - that will give rights to ALL users
If you want to give a user a clone of the roots powers, just give him the root password. He couldn't do any more damage with it than he could with the powers.

There is a command called sudo (super-user do) that allows you to define what commands each user can execute as the superuser.  It's kindof a security risk (they say it takes several minutes of hard thought by the user to figure out how to get full root access), but since you're talking allowing them to format the HD, it certianly couldn't be a bigger risk than that.

They would type in "sudo rm -f /*", and sudo would check to see if rm is on that user's list.

You can download the rpm from http://rufus.w3.org/linux

I guess you need to be more specific on what you mean by "super user powers".  Do you want them to be able to perform specific tasks as SU?  Should they be able to look at or delete everyones files?  When you say format, do you mean you want them to wire the HD, or just set up floppies?  The latter is just setting a "user" flag in /etc/fstab.
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