MS Exchange API

Is there a freeware component-set or a Delphi API header for "communication" between a Delphi (5) application and a MS Exchange server.

I need to "extract" user information from an Exchange server (User IDs and EMail addresses).
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You should be able to connect to exchange using COM using the file:
this file is a COM/DLL, which means you have to convert the dll file into a _TLB.Pas file. The pas file has many functions&properties which you can use :

 property AddressLists: OleVariant readonly dispid 4;
    property OutOfOffice: OleVariant dispid 82;
    property OutOfOfficeText: OleVariant dispid 83;
    function Logon(ProfileName: OleVariant; ProfilePassword: OleVariant; ShowDialog: OleVariant;
                   NewSession: OleVariant; ParentWindow: OleVariant; NoMail: OleVariant;
                   ProfileInfo: OleVariant): OleVariant; dispid 119;
    function Logoff: OleVariant; dispid 118;

Just a very small snippet of these functions...

To generate the pas file under D4 do the following:
-Import Type library
-Click add, and browse for cdo.dll
-then click the ... button and select a working directory, (your project directory where you will keep your delphi project).
-Click OK.
Now you have the TLB.pas file open in delphi and saved in your project directory..
In your delphi app say unit1, add MAPI_TLB to your uses clause.

Create a global variable like so

MyMapiSession : Variant;

To init the session use:

MyMapiSession := CoSession.Create;  // (cosession.create is function in Mapi_TLB file)

you can now use functions & properties of the MymapisSession object... like

MyMapisSession.Logon(ProfileName: OleVariant; ProfilePassword: OleVariant; ShowDialog: OleVariant;
                   NewSession: OleVariant; ParentWindow: OleVariant; NoMail: OleVariant;
                   ProfileInfo: OleVariant;

etc.. unfortunately I do not have exchange and cannot help you any further than this start at the whole thing....

Hope this helps you,
Rob ;-)

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pellelilAuthor Commented:
Thanx for the help
Pleasure, can you let me know if you made any progress with this ?

Rob ;-)
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