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Newbie's first login problem

I'm starting my linux for the first time since installation. I am a newbie. I have logged in as my unprivaledged user account and I get a prompt like this:
[mcentre@localhost mcentre]$
When I log on as my root account I get a similar prompt, but with a # at the end.
I have seen nothing like this in the installation and user guides. What Gives?
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There is really no problem.  It is just a way that helps you know that you are logged in as a privilidged user.
as far as i know the '#' is nothing special. it's defined in the environment variable of your root. you can set your prompt in a environment variable.
the name of the environment variable is PS1

echo $PS1
-> will show you the value of PS1
at least that's how it works in my distribution (Debian). If you have another distribution, type
and it will show you the environments variables.

hope that helps...
mcentreAuthor Commented:
Maybe I should rephrase the question. What do I do now to get to either of my two installed desktop environments (KDE, and GNOME) from these promts. Please remember, I am not a programmer, or any kind of expert. Just a newbie with Windows 95-98 experience. I want to get to work, not learn code first.
don't know if I understand your question. but try.


and it'll start your default desktop environment. if you want to start another desktop/environment try

startx kde
startx gnome

that should help.

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