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I'm a Visual Basic programmer and in spite that I feel so confortable with this languange and the IDE in my job, my boss is evaluating VB as well as PowerBuilder as the choices to begin to develop all the companies' new applications. So I'm not afraid about a possible change, but, I want to know really the strengths and weakenesses that every product has to be able to help him make a good selection.

Does anyone know where I can find a good article about that?

Thanks in advance.
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I don't have any specifics, but I do have an opinion.  I've used PB and VB.  I stuck with VB.  I haven't touched PB in the last couple of years, but when I was, it was full of problems.  The user interface was terrible, and sharing the project between multiple users was problematic.  The projects inflated in size quickly as well to, which required a zip disk to make it portable.  Even a very large VB app fit on a floppy.  It did interface with a database quickly and easily, but that's about the only good thing I can say about it.  

Here is a link to some M$ propaganda comparing VB, PB, and Delphi.

And of course, some propaganda from Sybase...

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