Hit Counter doesn't work

The hit counter in FrontPage 98 returns only the words [Hit Counter] when viewed, rather than the counter itself. The other active elements, such as hover button, marquee and search, all work fine. This is for an intranet site, using IE 4. Thanks!
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You do have FP extensions loaded on the server, right?
PKMAuthor Commented:
It's my understanding that the FP extensions are loaded on the server -- if they weren't I don't believe the other active elements would work either (the others work).  The problem seems to be focused only on the hit counter.
The counter does not work like that, you have to link it to some kind of server-launched script that counts the number of hits.

Usually this is done by a cgi script, that I can send you if you want it, but any script would do (asp/java/cgi/vb)

What happens is that the following line <img src="/cgi-bin/counter.exe?+-sball+index.htm"> calls counter.exe on the server which add 1 to acounter in a textfile.  The parameter -sball and index.htm is the graphic files for the counter and the page for which this program keep's count, respectably.

Check it out at www.djfdesign.com and let me know if you want me to send you the program!


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Have you tried creating a new blank page and inserting the Frontpage hitcounter only. Save the file and preview in browser. Does this work? If not you may need to uninstall the frontpage extensions from your Personal Web server then reistall after rebooting. Check to see if you can then view the webcounter in the page you've just created.

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Funch is correct -- not all of the active elements need the server extensions, but the counter does. And of course, when you are editting, you will never see the count itself; only when you are browsing.
PKMAuthor Commented:
Good try, everybody, but nothing worked. Many of us in I.S. looked into it to no avail, so I finally gave up.  Instead, we created a new Site Server report that shows how often my pages are accessed, and that solves my problem.  But thanks.

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