COM Add-ins problem

Running Win98 with Office 2000.  Removed Outlook Express 5 after installing Office and Outlook 2000 didn't like it so I put it back on again.

Now Outlook is complaining that C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Addins is an invalid add-in very time I launch it.  I removed any add-ins from the add-in manager and then realised that it was actually the COM Add-in that was complaining.

No COM Add-ins are listed but I get that message every time I go into the COM Add-ins manager screen as well.  Somewhere it must be trying to open an Add-in that it does not like but because it is not successful it will not list it.  Any idea how to get rid of this error message?

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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at this MS KB article, it may help:

You can also get this article by sending an E-mail with a subject of "Q235009" (without the quotes) to
MontagueAuthor Commented:
It was down to the Small Business Customer Manager not being installed.  Involved a regedit.  That MS KB article covered it.

Nice one.
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