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Blob/Memo fields with DBI

Posted on 1999-11-08
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-06
A little background:

Developing a simple DBI script that connects to my Access 97 database using ODBC to pull some data out. The data rows consist of a couple of text fields and one large memo field.

The problem? It works on rows with small fields, but if the memo field is large, it fails. I can't seem to get it to read anything out. The code is as follows:

$sth = $dbh->prepare( "
      SELECT * FROM Main1 WHERE id = 2
      " );
if ( !defined $sth ) {
      die "Cannot prepare statement: $DBI::errstr\n";
# Execute the statement at the database level

# Fetch the rows back from the SELECT statement
@row = $sth->fetchrow;

for $tt (@row)
      print $tt."\n";
Question by:Ishani
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Accepted Solution

windfall earned 400 total points
ID: 2192079
I have had the same problem... Here is how I fixed it....

#This is the Generic Link to the database
#Now connect to database
$dbhndl = (DBI->connect ('DBI:ODBC:something database',"something","something"));
#log and die if we do not connect
&log_and_die($DBI::errstr) unless $dbhndl;
#Send the SQL call and check that it is good

#Place the following to handle long variables
$dbhndl->{'LongReadLen'} = 6000 ; # to better handle long variables

#create the following sql query
$sql = "SELECT * FROM whatever  WHERE (something) ORDER BY (whatever)DESC";

$sth = $dbhndl->prepare($sql);
&log_and_die($sth->errstr) unless $sth;
#Now execute this query
$sth->execute || &log_and_die($sth->err);
#Make a while loop through all the returned rows
while (@row =$sth->fetchrow)
      #now format column <--> row using my
      my $columnname= $row[0];
      my $columnname= $row[1];
      my $columnname= $row[2];
      my $columnname= $row[3];
#We are done with this db-handle now.

Author Comment

ID: 2192098
Top. It works. Thanks!

Btw, do you know of any performance hits that this would cause?

Expert Comment

ID: 2194100
No, I really don't have a clue....
I use this Perl DBI with WIN NT =>ODBC=>MS SQL7 on an Emergency Room Patient/Staffing  Intranet....so my user base is relatively low and, my database would be small and my server and bandwidth resource is high compared to some WWW database applications....Maybe one of the REAL gurus (OZO? or PRAKASHK?) would know or you could check out the mailing list for the DBI at:
Have a good one!


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