Client scheduled replication stops working

We have a two small offices nearby who use the same Notes server as the main office but connect via a fairly low bandwidth line.  In order to improve Notes performance for them and to reduce the load on the line, they have been set up to always use a local mail file, which replicates regularly in the background, instead of opening their mail file directly on the server.

This has been working fine for a month or two but just recently four users, in both offices, have had problems.  The replication has simply stopped working for no apparent reason.  Generally they can go to the Replicator and click Start and manually replicate but until they do this the mail does not get sent or received.  One user could not even replicate manually.  It gives no error messages, there is nothing unusual in the log file, and nothing has been changed about the configuration of these desktops - it just stopped working.

They are using Notes 4.6.2a client on Windows 95, mail template mail46.ntf, and the server is release 4.6.3b running on an NT machine.

Has anybody seen this before and do you have any ideas why it is happening???  And how to stop it from happening again?


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pentapodAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
try to recreate the replica copy on one of the clients and see if it helps.
pentapodAuthor Commented:
Yes, recreating the local replica seems to solve the problem.  But I already knew that - I know how to SOLVE it, I want to know WHY it has started happening and how to PREVENT it from happening.

Any ideas, experts??  It's a mysterious one!

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Could be a date/time problem. When the replication history is getting out of sync because the server and the client do have different date/time zones and or daylight saving time settings.

Have you tried to clear the replication history before creating a new replica?

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Hi MW, how was LotusSphere? Was it worth your money?

I managed to see the sessions in was good I assume.

Sorry Pentapod for posting this here.
Hi ghassan,

It was absolutely great, but also very exhausting. We got bombarded with lots of very important information, which will take another couple of weeks to sort out.

Hopefully I can be there next time too.
pentapodAuthor Commented:
I have not been able to confirm or deny whether this was the cause but you might as well have the points since they're tied up anyway!

Hi Emily,

just for the next time: I think you can request the deletion of your question and expert exchange will give you back your points.

Thanks anyway.

pentapodAuthor Commented:
Well, your answer might be right!  It's just a hard one to confirm!

Hi guys, could indeed be a time /date problem, but in the replication history. We're working with full mailfile replication on server-client and I notice that after some time, a date is automatically put into the replication settings (File-Replication-Settings-Other-"Only Replicate incoming documents saved or modified after").
Try doing the following:
- Disable replication (temporarily) on the client where the problem is situated.
- You should DELETE the date that was put in the field "Only....", so that it is empty and then also DELETE it on server side.
- Then DELETE the replication history
- Enable replication again and start it manually for the first time
It should work again now.
I noticed this problem after users started calling me that they deleted half of their mailfile and that they still got a message (automated) from me that their mailbox was full (we work with mailquota).
Hope it helps!

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