Two CD ROM drives

When I installed Linux I had two IDE CDROM drives present in my system.  The first is a plain reader, the second a CD-RW.  When Linux loads I can see that both drives are correctly identified.  However, in KDE or GNOME only one CD ROM drive is shown on the desktop.  I can use Linuxconf to mount the second (CD-RW) which is identified as hdd - but it just seems to spin constantly - and I have not found a way to test the writer.

Any ideas on how to get them both to mount at startup?
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foxrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The icon you see on the desktop is just a freebee KDE link that comes along with KDE desktop.  If you "right mouse click" on the desktop and choose "new" you can create a new device driver icon link for your second cdom.  It's pretty straight forward.  Hope this helps.
fsphAuthor Commented:
The spinning sound persists.  Could this be related to the settings in the linuxconf program?

/mnt/cdrom - first CD ROM  - seems to be working

/mnt/cdrom2 - second CD ROM - spins tirelessly

Please note that in the second case I invented the "cdrom2" tag.
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