I need a link to a Stats, or Business stats website, I am in this class Business Stats, we are using a text called Introduction to business statistics, (ROnald M Weirs 3rd ed.), but I need to find a place on the net that can help clarify what formulas to use in which situations, and how to produce the correct analysis. A message board like this would also be useful to me.
Any help appreciated.
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ran1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
My above comments on November 8 and 14 should provide the necessary information to pursue your statistics course in a grand manner.

The 14th comment includes direct links to the author including e-mail contact.

Also included:
author's updates:
Answers to selected questions.
Powerpoint presentations to each chapter.
Excel spreadsheet help notes.
Background information on the text.

Bulletin Board links.  

Good Luck and let us hear how you ACED this course later.

PS: As a former University Asst. Department Chairman this looks like a good text by an excellect author.

Use , this search engine is very good to retrieve sites cited by others, as overviews, papers etc. Unfortunately it does not (yet) support word stemming and search within searches.
As appetizer here the first of 82 hits for

business statistic formulas overview
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Worldwide information resources on statistics.

Intro Textbook
UK / Europe resources 

All are listed on the one website shown first.  
Univ of Florida has one of the the most comrehensive listings on statistics worldwide. You will want to bookmark that site.
Intro textbook cititation previously shown was in error.
 Correct location:

Also there is an electronic textbook which is downloadable that may be helpful. 

Left column, click on textbook (online).
Softstat has one of the best statistial software applications.

These should answer your questions:

Corrected location:   ASSUME  Statistics users / Excel Spreadsheet    Statistics resources             Electronic Textbook     Electronic Textbook withlinks to other electronic textbooks             

Includes link to your requested bulletin board.    Student statistics bulletin board      Over 500 links to Statistics Calculators    Free Statistical software

The links below give you info to the Weiers Textbook including EXCEL templates, powerpoint presentations for each chapter, schools using texts based on comments. Etc.        Weiers

Good Luck
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