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Multiple IPs on one NIC in SCO 5.0.4

Is it possible to bind a second IP address to one NIC in SCO Unix v5.0.4?  The two networks are logically separated (i.e. different IP range) but reside on the same collision domain.  One set of IPs is to be used by a Point-of-Sale system, the other is used by workstations.  The SCO server needs to have access to both, on the same NIC.  IS this possible?
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ipierceAuthor Commented:
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there is no problem to have differents logic networks on the same physic network;
a system has generally only one address ip, but routing the two networks, it can acces at the two (or more) logic networks:

SCO is
PSS is
WKS is

you must route like this: (each system route himself the logic network on the same physic network giving a count of 0)
on SCO: (syntax SCO)
route add net 193.122.123 193.122.122 0
on PSS: (verify syntax on your system)
route add net 193.122.122 193.122.123 0

however, if you want to install a second network card, you can have another address in it, and use routed.
Yes you can bind two IP address to the same NIC card.

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