Win32 api, remote admin type stuff

I'm looking at writing some C++ code to help with remote administration of NT servers.  I am familar with C, and not sure if I need to learn more about C++ in order to develope some utilities.  I have some Perl scripts that I would like to replace with custom C/C++ routines for things like:  retrieving a list of drives and free space on a remote NT server; check remote servers services to verify "automatic/started" status.  I know there is a resource kit utility for the service stuff, but I would still like to try to develop some of these for myself.  Sample code would be great, but even some pointers on "read up on rpc", "read up on dcom", "no, you can't do this without some additional tools" would help.  Thank you.
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At least regarding the services this can be done easily:

The services API (and 'OpenSCManager()' in particular) take a machine name as a parameter that can be used to specify the target computer.

But I also don't have a clue on the drive space issue...
Here's a C++ snippet you can use to start a service on a remote computer.  Stopping a service or checking status is very similar.

class AutoSCHandle {
      AutoSCHandle(SC_HANDLE handle);
      operator SC_HANDLE() const;
      SC_HANDLE m_handle;

AutoSCHandle::AutoSCHandle(SC_HANDLE handle)
      : m_handle(handle)

      BOOL flag = CloseServiceHandle(m_handle);
      if (!flag)

AutoSCHandle::operator SC_HANDLE() const
      return m_handle;

void StartService(LPCTSTR computer, LPCTSTR service)
            // open service control manager on target machine
      if (hSCM == NULL)

            // open the requested service
      AutoSCHandle hService = OpenService(hSCM, service, SERVICE_START | SERVICE_QUERY_STATUS);
      if (hService == NULL)

            // start the service
      BOOL flag = StartService(hService, 0, NULL);
      if (!flag)

            // wait until the service is finished starting
      SERVICE_STATUS status;
      do {
            flag = QueryServiceStatus(hService, &status);
            if (!flag)
      } while (status.dwCurrentState == SERVICE_START_PENDING);

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b_crosAuthor Commented:
The information provided was excellent, but I didn't really get an answer to the remote disk information.  Thanx.
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