Symantec Systemworks LiveUpdate won't update

I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this question but I couldn't find a better place.  Anyway, I am trying to use LiveUpdate to update my virus DAT files on System Works2000 but it never works.  It will tell me that my DAT files are xx days out of date and ask me if I would like to update them.  If I choose OK it will go and download file about 30k big and tells me that I already have the latest update.  When I reboot I get the same message.  I can update my DAT files manually and the message will go away for a while.  Has anyone out there seen this and fixed it before?

 As always, let me know if you need more clarity on the problem and I will post back ASAP.
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There are four possible solutions to this problem.

Set the system clock to the correct day, month, and year.
If the system clock is set ahead, it will indicate that the definitions are out-of-date when there are no updates available.
Delete the LIVETRI.ZIP file from beneath the \Windows\Temp folder.
If the LIVETRI.ZIP file exists, it may prevent the latest definitions from downloading.
New virus definitions have not been posted in the last two weeks.
In this case, both messages are true; the definitions are old, and there are no updates available. The current definitions date will be indicated on the Intelligent Updater Web page at If this date is at least two weeks old, then this is the cause of the definitions alert.
You may have a corrupt VirusDefs folder.
Follow these steps to correct the problem.
1. Click the Start button, point to Find, then click Files and Folders.
2. Type LIVETRI.ZIP in the Named field. Make sure that the Look in field indicates the C: drive, then click Find Now.
3. Once the file has been found, right-click it, then click Delete. Close the Find window.
4. Browse to the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\VirusDefs folder, then delete all folders that begin with 1999.
5. Delete the DEFINFO.DAT and USAGE.DAT files.
6. Download and run the Intelligent Updater using the instructions in the document titled How to Obtain Virus Definition Files Using the Intelligent Updater on the following web site:
7. Reboot your computer.

You should now be able to run LiveUpdate from within the program, such as Norton SystemWorks, Norton AntiVirus, and so forth. If you still experience problems with it, then you may post a message in one of the following support groups where our technicians can help resolve the problem.
For Norton AntiVirus 2000 LiveUpdate:
For other versions of Norton AntiVirus LiveUpdate:

If you see the message, "No updatable version of Norton AntiVirus was found", while running the Intelligent Updater, then you have a corrupt installation of Norton AntiVirus. To resolve this problem, the program will need to be completely uninstalled then reinstalled. You should remove all traces of Norton AntiVirus from your system and registry using the manual uninstall procedure outlined in the document, 'Manual Uninstall Procedure for Norton AntiVirus 2000 for Windows 95/98'.

We also recommend running a disk utility (such as ScanDisk or Norton Disk Doctor) and defragmenting the drive (using a defragmenter utility such as Defrag or Norton Speed Disk) before reinstalling Norton AntiVirus.

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