Spacing differences 'tween IE and NS shows a screen shot. Sorry site's behind firewall so no code but I've turned off borders everywhere and dictated page borders and margins of 0.

IE's 2nd frame (top thin red line) starts 2 px lower than Netscape's.

A bigger problem is tables. - probably cuz of differences in how text/fonts are rendered. Notice how far wider Netscape is.

Are differences of frames and tables -at the pixel level - documented anywhere?
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when it comes to frames it's a well-known fact that Netscape doesn't follow sizes down to the pixel.  what size you end up with depends on your monitor's resolution is set to and the size of the browser window.  sad, but it's a well-known bug. :(

so in your example I believe IE is following your definition of the frame size, and Netscape snaps it back a couple of pixels because it thinks that's a smart thing to do.

when it comes to tables there's also some caveats to know about.  it seems to me that you've defined some styles for your table, like font sizes & stuff?  do you use CSS to do that, or is it a whole bunch of FONT?  if it's CSS you should know that Netscape won't understand CSS applied to the TABLE element, you'll instead have to apply it to TD (ref )

apart from that I couldn't spot anything from the small images you supplied.  if I've totally failed to fix the problem some example code, or maybe a larger image showing the rendering side-by-side in a slightly larger context could probably help.

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