launching two frame pages at the same time

In my web I've got a banner a content and a main frame. Depending of the choosen banner topic (Hyperlink) the content of the content frame changes. At the same time this contend change I would like to achieve, that the content of the main frame also changes depending of the choosen topic. How can I trigger two changes with one click on a banner Hyperlink button. Is there a special Frontpage form or command. Do I have to implement extra HTML code????
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dspletsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't want to use javascript like Arjan suggested you can use the hard way.

First you make two frames a topframe (your banner) and a bottomframe.

When you click on the banner you open a page with two frames (the content and the mainframe).  You will have to make a different frames page for every link in your banner.  

When you want to use a link in your mainframe that changes the content and the mainframe itself.  You have to use _parent (in Frontpage) as target.

themrocAuthor Commented:
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I don't know if frontpage has a special feature to do this, but you can achieve this by using javascript..
it would look something like this:

<script language="javascript">
function ChangeContent()
 top.MyContentFrame.location.href = MyNewContentURL;
 top.MyMainFrame.location.href = MyNewMainUrl;

<a href="javascript:" onclick="ChangeContent();"><img src="MyBanner.gif"></a>

In the script, the MyContentFrame and MyMainFrame need to be changed to the names they have in your frameset... You can have the required URL's generated dynamically based on which topic you use, but that would require more knowledge of how you've named your content and main pages..... If you need more help with that let me know....

themrocAuthor Commented:
Arjan thanks for your comment, it is probably one possibility,
See also Question Q.10231269 in the HTML section.
I tried danny's simple approach and it works, so I will give the points to him
thanks for the efford
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