I can't display simple dialog on screen - HELP!!

All I want to do is display a simple dialog on screen and add a property page which handles tabs click messages using MFC in CV++ 6.

Here I am after the code as I had enough trying to figure out myself.

I did not realise VC++ was this hard, I mean I am a VB person and it is simply heaven to program it (But of course, you know the limitations)  

Thank you all

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Creating a full application using the CPropertySheet

Update: Creating a full application using the CPropertySheet
gbzhhuAuthor Commented:

I have been to CodeGuru many times and they don't have code for VC++ 6 and I am having problems with VC++ 5 projects although I can now run them by recreating the project (very tedious).  Also their examples are not for the beginner.

I have now changed my design and think of using tab control.  i already have a dialog and a tab control on screen (looking good HURRAY!) However, the I can't put controls into the tabs as at design time I can only access tab1.

If you can help me with this I will increase the points to 50


Here's a simple code snippet for getting CPropertySheet to work. Follow these steps and you are done.

a. Create two dialogs (say IDD_BRUSH_PAGE and IDD_CAPTION_PAGE). Add two classes for these dialogs CBrushPage and CCaptionPage, both derived from CPropertyPage.

b. Create a new class CLegendSheet inherited from CPropertySheet

c. Add a menu item to IDR_MAINFRAME, say IDR_VIEW_LEGEND.

d. Using Class Wizard add a message handler for this menu item.

void CMainFrame::OnViewLegend()
CLegendSheet ls ("Legend Settings");
CBrushPage   BrushPage;
CCaptionPage CaptionPage;

ls.AddPage (&BrushPage);
ls.AddPage (&CaptionPage);

if (ls.DoModal() == IDOK)
    // Your code here ....      

Include the required header files in MainFrm.cpp.

Do let me know if this is okay.

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gbzhhuAuthor Commented:
I have already got a working property sheet and your answer came a little late.  however, as I can't delete the question I will ask a replacement question.

Now that I have a modal property sheet displayed how do I add a button to the property sheet as it is not a resource and when I add it how do I add handlers to the button click

I will increase points to 50 if I get a working answer

gbzhhuAuthor Commented:
Managed to add a button as well so i will give points to abhitlya
Please put a dummy answer so I can give you the points
Here's the dummy answer as you requested!

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