Outlook Delays 10 min before Connect

Outlook freezes for 10 min before connecting to Exchange. Also when i first connected and i chose check name it delayed for 10 min as well on mutiple computers.Ive tried Outlook 97,98,2000. Exchange 5.5
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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could be one of a couple of problems:

- If you're using TCP/IP take a look at these MS KB articles:

You can also get these articles by sending an E-mail with a subject of "Q152234 Q155048" (without the quotes) to mshelp@microsoft.com.

- You could have an RPC binding order problem. Take a look at this registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider\RPC_Binding_Order

Move the token that represents the protocol that you're using to the front
of the pile. Occasionally I've found that the protocol that gets used isn't
always the one you think, so if it doesn't work right the first time try
reordering the protocols again.

However, many problems with slow client startup can be attributed to incorrectly configured TCP/IP stacks. Check the clients domain name. Is it the same as the servers? Is it the correct domain name? If it's incorrect, fix it. If it's correct but different to the server's, add the server's domain name to the "Domain Name Suffix Search Order." If all else fails, try adding a HOSTS file to the client.
John_RitzerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Vince, worked like a charm
Rpc binding order played with it a little bit .. Thanks a whole bunch.
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