Can I copy fonts to a second drive?

I have 2 hard drives.  I recently got a bunch of graphics programs (like a suite)
and don't have room on my lst (C) drive due to all of the necessary programs and
files that run Win 95, Internet etc.

I have put the graphics programs on my 2nd (D) drive where there is alot of room
but I can't seem to access my fonts on the C drive.  Can I copy fonts files to the D drive?  Including all of the files necessary to initiate them etc.?  How do I do that and what files should I move?
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You can't just copy fonts, but it is very easy to do what you want if you're talking about the fonts in the Windows\fonts folder. You need the control panel:

Start | Control Panel | Fonts | File | Install New Font...

Then navigate to the folder with the additional fonts, select the ones you want, and click OK. Presto!


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of course you can... just open your windows explorer
go to Windows directory (eg: c:\windows)... go to fonts directory eg: c:\windows\fonts)... copy all the fonts to your D drive...
if you want to copy your other fonts outside windows directory just find the files through START > FIND > Files and Folders
type in search box : *.ttf, *.fon, *.tt .....

as i know you would have to reinstall all the fonts
goto START > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts

click File > Install New Fonts

Select the directory, Select All click OK !!!

Hope this will help you !!!
CarolaAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  Yes, it worked fine and I have no problems accessing my fonts on either drive.   Thank You.

It is worth at least 50 points to me and I would add them, but can't figure out where to do it.
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