TSession - PrivateDir

Hi all !!!!

I just wanna know what happens in then Session.Privatedir.

Im using a Paradox database placed on a Network Server, is Privatedir used automativ in any operations - or is this property only for use with Large SQL databases.
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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi kwang,

the privatedir is specially used from bde to store temporary data. it will be more intensive used by paradox-table operations than in other databases. for example to create a resultset-table from a query.

read the topic in the delphi-help-file (can't paste it here)

>is Privatedir used automativ in any operations

meikl ;-)
kwang080897Author Commented:
Hi Meikl

ok thanks !
hi kim,
glad to helped
meikl ;-)
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