macintosh plus diskette problem


yesterday i bought an old macintosh plus for 50 dollars here in zurich, switzerland. it's perfectly ok but there is one thing which really annoys me and i thought that maybe you could help me:

- it's not reading any 3,5 diskettes! and when i try to initialize a diskette the mac asks me if i would like to initialize it one-or two sided (please excuse me if i'm not using the corrct technical words). neither of the possibilities is working. it always gives me "initializing not successful" or something like that. my question is: do i need to have other diskettes (i'm using 3,5 diskettes by maxell, mac formatted) or what could be the problem?

thank you so much for your help and hope to hear from you soon,

yours martin
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The MacPlus and SE can only read 400k and 800k floppies. So, if u put a 1.44 floppy in one of those machines, it thinks it needs to be formatted. It will format 400k (one sided) or 800k (two sided).

Test ->
Put an known good 800k floppy (with information on it) and see what happens. If u r asked to format, the mechanism is probably dirty or the r/w heads r out of alignment.

Test 2 ->
Format a 1.44k floppy. Write to it. Try to read it (copy to HD).

If test 2 works, u have a good drive, which requires u 2 jump up and scream...YIPPIE!

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