Wake up modem thingy !!

Hi there,
I was looking for new motherboards and found AOpen's AX6BC motherboard and in  specifications it has a feature of

1. WAKE ON MODEM or Wake on Zero Voltage Modem.

what does it mean WAKE ON MODEM ? and what benifits i can achieve by this feature. I have Zoltrix Seirra 33.6Kpbs modem so do u think that I can get the above feature with my modem ? please tell me i will really appreciate...

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This is most likely a "wakeup" feature, meaning that when your computer is in sleep/suspend mode, your modem will "wake" the computer up, i.e. switch it from suspend mode to regular mode.

Maybe someone could verify this for you who has this modem/motherboard or feature.


Sorry, just to clarify, I mean that when the modem is in USE, it will switch the computer out of suspend mode.

As far as I know, the feature will turn on your computer when the modem rings. Don't scream "How does _that_ work?!" just yet. Most new machines don't actually shut off when you shut them off [quite nonsensical, really], but instead stay nearly suspended except for a very small portion of the BIOS which waits for certain signals, such as a modem ring, to turn on. Of course, this feature can be turned off. [If you need a better explanation, find an Mac user - their power button is on the keyboard]
This feature is designed for those who a) have large networks or
b) travel a lot

for a):

If you are running a large business that uses a lot of computers, power costs can go up a bunch. If all the computers are networked together, some may have information that others need. With the wake on LAN option enabled, any request for information over the network will drag your computer out of la-la land, allowing you to turn it "off" and still have the info on it available

for b):

if you are a traveling businessman and you need info from your home pc, you plug your laptop into a phone jack and dial it up. With the Wake on modem option enabled, even if your computer has been turned off the modem will connect and resurrect your machine.

Unless you fall into one of these two categories, you will get no benefit.

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