Configure HP Deskjet 890C

How do I configure my HP Deskjet 890C to work under Linux Mandrake 6.0?
During installation, certain printer options were displayed but none related to this printer.
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steve265Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Printtool is run under KDE from a terminal window. It has a very good help screen. You also might want to go to:
This is the middle of the printer how-to but it has a link to Linux compatible printers and what driver to use. You can always go to the beginning of that link and read the printer how-to, but it is pretty lengthy and very boring.
Use printtool to configure your printer. If your model isn't supported, either download the drivers from the net or try installing the printer as a similar one.
maxthorpeAuthor Commented:
Are there man pages for printtool.
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