gfxi2c error!

My NT4(SP5) show "gfxi2c error" every boot time!So I have to close this service.What is gfxi2c and what is this device can do?
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tk36Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It is what's left from installing the wrong driver.
Run regedit (Do it slowly and carefully or backup your registry first)
type in gfxi2c and enter
Delete all the key/value with gfxi2c (press F3 to find the next one)
You won't be able to delete anyting in LEGACY but that doesn't matter.
This  will get rid of the error message at start up.
Sounds like you video card... probably not a fatal error, but do you use the latest drivers?
mailpiggyAuthor Commented:
I am using winfast video card and the screen looks in gear.
I stop this service and boot again,NT shows it find a new device and seach software for this AGAIN!
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