Image display size in frame- what determines?

What determines the size a .jpg image displays in a frame?
How can it be adjusted?

I thought that the 'size' tag would restrict the size of the displayed image (just taking longer, if the file was large) but maybe i've omitted something else in the frame?

I have 3 frames (top / border [with links' / display). Border has the links to .jpg files to display in 'display'.

I've got 3 links/display images at present; one fits comfortably within the 'display' frame, the other 2 are too large and involve a lot of scrolling.
This is the size of the .jpg files:
Vortex.jpg  221 kb Ulead PhotoImage - appears LARGE
Cobra.jpg  120 kb    - " -                    - fit nicely in the frame
Mustant 250 kb        -"-                      - too large

I have the following code in Border.htm (linking to the graphic):

<p align="center"><a href="pics/vortex.jpg" base target="display" width="357" height="*"><font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3"><b>Vortex

and thought I was assigning width to the graphic size (it doesn't) - the graphic is large, lots of scrolling

This is the code for the pic that displays at a reasonable size - fitting into 'display' (display.htm):

<p align="center"><font size="3"><a href="pics/cobra.jpg" base target="display"><font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif"><b>Cobra</b></font></a></font></p>

What is the difference? What do I need to change?
Should I post this question to a different group?

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First you need to ensure your dpi is only 72 because the web interprets the physical size of the image. So, if your image is at 150 dpi, it would be (inches wise) 2 times larger than a 72 dpi image. Just a shot for ya...


  Sounds like you should stick with the "width/height" in your html, but instead of putting something like "357", try using something like "100%" or "75%".  That usually does the trick for me.  The reason your smaller .jpg file fit properly is that the size parameters for it probably matched the parameters of your frame.  Let me know how it works.


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