Problem Running Lotus Notes Java code on AS400

Hi, we are trying to run a simple java program on an AS400. A
'helloworld' application runs fine.
However the problems start when we try to use our test class,
which extends NotesThread, and is run on the AS400 (i.e not as a Notes agent).
We get the errors:
       lotus/notes/ (
  Java program completed
This must be an internal NotesThread error maybe due to either a corrupt .jar file on the system or something not setup right.
We have been through all setup docs heaps of times, have followed all recommendations for PATH and CLASSPATH variables, etc. This all appears correct because the program compiles and runs until this error occurs. All Lotus Notes (Australia) have been able to tell us is that something is not set up right (Duh, no **** Sherlock).
Any thoughts?
Thanks, T.
BTW, here's a sample app which produces the error (also, this runs OK on win32). I won't be suprised if it runs on your system - that doesn't tell us what's wrong on ours!
                    import lotus.notes.*;
                    public class platform1 extends NotesThread
                      public static void main(String argv[])
                            platform1 t = new platform1();
                      public void runNotes()
                            Session s = Session.newInstance();
                            String p = s.getPlatform();
                            System.out.println("Platform = " + p);
                        catch (Exception e)
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Hi timmy,

try to fetch more infos from your Domino with this agent:
Name: GetSysVars
Run: Manualy
Wich: Run once...

Sub Initialize
 Dim session As NotesSession
 Dim doc As NotesDocument
 Dim rc As Integer
 Dim FileNumber As Integer
 Dim FileName As String
 Dim InfoString As String
 Set session = New NotesSession
 Set doc = session.DocumentContext
 On Error Goto Errorhandler
 doc.InfoString = Environ$("CLASSPATH")
 doc.InfoString = Evaluate("@Explode(InfoString;':')",doc)
 Print "<br><br>CLASSPATH:"
 Forall info In doc.InfoString
  Print "<br>  " & info
 End Forall

 doc.InfoString = Environ$("LIBPATH")
 doc.InfoString = Evaluate("@Explode(InfoString;':')",doc)
 Print "<br><br>LIBPATH:"
 Forall info In doc.InfoString
  Print "<br>  " & info
 End Forall
 doc.InfoString = Environ$("PATH")
 doc.InfoString = Evaluate("@Explode(InfoString;':')",doc)
 Print "<br><br>PATH:"
 Forall info In doc.InfoString
  Print "<br>  " & info
 End Forall

 FileName = "/tmp/sysinfo" &  Format(Now(),"yymmddhhnnss") & ".txt"
 rc = Shell("java -version > " & FileName & ";exit")
 FileNumber = Freefile()
 Open FileName For Input As FileNumber
 While Not  Eof(FileNumber)
  Line Input #FileNumber, InfoString
  Print "<br>java: " & InfoString
 Close FileNumber
 Print "<br><br>End of SysVars info"
 Exit Sub
 Print "<br><br><font color=red>Error in line: " & Erl & ";<br>Error(" & Err & ") : " & Error & "</font>"
 Exit Sub
End Sub

To see sysinf call it with this URL:

I think you need at least java version 1.1.6!

Try out...


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timmy2436Author Commented:
What the (*$^&(*?????

I never accepted this answer, it provided no new info.

Our problem was fixed with installation of a new software.
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