no operating system found

I installed a new hard drive; ran manufacuter's disk program, formatted the drive, ran fdisk /mbr, installed Win 98 and after it installed it rebooted with message "no operating system found."

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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Alex, in brief, these are the steps that should be used to accomplish this. (Note: as with anything, there are sometimes shortcuts, but these procedural steps will keep you out of trouble)

1. Fdisk the drive and make the "C" partition active. Reboot the system to the floppy.

2. Format the "C" drive and use the "S" switch as in FORMAT C:/S, as this writes the system files to the "C" drive.

3. Pop the floppy and boot to the "C" drive to make sure that it functions properly. If it does, go on to the next step.

4. Boot to the Win98 floppy and choose "With CD Rom drive support"

5. Install Win98.

What you might want to try, presuming that the "C" partition is active, is to put the Win98 boot disk back in and boot to it.

At the command prompt type:

SYS C:<enter>

Now try booting Win98.

alextrainerAuthor Commented:
I have tried many things to get this to work including lots of FDISKing with all sorts of options...don't believe there is anything wrong with the HD; it is fresh out of box.

Provide steps in order and alternatives to try as well.

alextrainerAuthor Commented:
I FDISKed and set C as active as FAT16 and PRI DOS and 583Mb.  I formatted the drive with the S switch.

I then rebooted without boot diskette and got "no operating system found." AGAIN!

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Alex, check two things.

1. Make sure that the drive is being recognized correctly in the Bios setup.

2. Make sure that the system does not have a virus in either the boot sector of the drive or in the bios.
alextrainerAuthor Commented:
The BIOS reports IDE device primary master device as HD 527Mb.

Scanned with Norton boot diskette and found none.

I understand Alex, but are those parameters correct for the drive make and model parameters? Do you have the Bios set to auto recognize the drive or are you setting the parameters?
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