Word Basic Bullets

I'm trying to insert bullets to a word (6) document (whitch i created with a word object )
I'm useing the next code:
<wordobject>.FormatBulletsAndNumbering Hang:=1, Tab:="0", Preset:="5"
But I allways get the next error message: "named Argument not found"

I can't use the "<wordobject>.FormatBulletDefault" because I don't want to use the default bullet icon.
What is the problem?
I'm useing VB5 with Word 6.

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eyal1Author Commented:
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I don't really know much about this, but I believe the FormatBulletsAndNumbering doesn't have three parameters, if I were you I would check that.

Hope it helps.
eyal1Author Commented:
I tried to devide the 3 parameters to 3 defrent commands but I steel got the same error message.
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What does each parameter mean??

I know this is not what you're trying to do, but try this example, just to see what happens

FormatBulletsAndNumbering .Hang = 1, .Preset = 3
 (it has 2 parameters)

Hope it helps

The format is as follows (at least in my books):

FormatBulletsAndNumbering Remove, Hang, Preset

I suggest the "named Argument not found" is Tab:="0"


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What do u meen by saying:
"FormatBulletsAndNumbering Remove, Hang, Preset"?

How do i set thoses parameters?

I believe what planask means is that you added a Tab parameter which doesn't fit.
The order is remove, hang, preset.
You put       hang    tab  preset.
See, maybe the order is wrong, but as plansak said, I would ommit using Tab = 0
If you tell me a bit more about the parameters you want to use I can give you a whole line of code.
In your example you are using:
Hang:=1, Tab:="0", Preset:="5"

If you try the following:
<wordobject>.FormatBulletsAndNumbering Hang:=1, Preset:=5
and make sure there are NO double quotes around 5 in Preset:=5

>>But I allways get the next error message: "named Argument not found"

I thought that was your main problem assuming you know how to set up parameters once you have created a document with a word object.

eyal1 == eyaltil
That is what I assume in my previous comment.
I tried -
"pobjWord.FormatBulletsAndNumbering Remove:="0", Hand:= 1, Present:= "5" "

and I tried -
"pobjWord.FormatBulletsAndNumbering Remove:=0, Hand:= 1, Present:= 5 "

and I tried -
"pobjWord.FormatBulletsAndNumbering Remove:=0
pobjWord.FormatBulletsAndNumbering Hand:= 1
pobjWord.FormatBulletsAndNumbering Present:= 5 "

But nothing helps.
What can I do more?
I am SORRY eyaltil or eyal1. Please copy the code I've sent you into your application.

Just from curiosity. Can you spot the difference (Y/N)?
Hand:= 1, Present:= 5    -> you tried
Hang:=1, Preset:=5       -> I suggested

Take care.
Don't take the piss
Good Luck.

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