Excel CSV Country differences : URGENT

When I open a .csv file in an English Excel 97, all fields are put in columns.
However when I open it in a Dutch Excel 97, all fields are put in the 1st column.


Country settings on both PC's are
Decimal symbol : "."
1000 seperator : ","
Field seperator: ";"

Csv file:
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It should work, as the csv is not a comma delimited but a list separator delimited file:

a) Before continuing make sure the Dutch PC really has ";" and not ":", you might have made a typo your eyes do not see due to resolution and/or you already knowing what you will see.

b) Then try this fast and safe bet:
StartButton Run: excel /regserver  (there is a blank before the switch)
This will rewrite all the Excel registry keys.

c) Then, if not already done it, consult:
Use All words etc.

d) If nothing works _and_ you have to do it occasionally only: Rename the *.csv to *.txt, then the 'Text Conversion Wizard' (should) kick in. Then you are home free.
This isn't a fix in itself, but your question seems urgent and this works. I have French Excel and I get the same problem, but here's the workaround :

CSV and double-click = all in one column
open Excel first and open CSV file = in correct columns

Hope it helps !


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jlaureysAuthor Commented:
Thanks ... that gives me a work-around !
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