Abit Dual S370 Motherboard

I'm thinking about buying the following mb.  

BP6 440BX Dual PPGA 370

In one of my machines I'm using a S370 466 in a ABIT BH6 (I use a slot1 to S370 adapter) with Win98 v2.  I also have a 400 S370 just lying around.  Do I have to use Win NT to take advantage of an additional processor?  My computer uses largely consist of web browsing, C++ compiling, and ACAD.
browsing, programming (C++), and ACAD.  Please discuss the advantages of having dual processors.
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Only NT (or W2K) will use additional CPUs (or you could use OS/2, or Linux I guess...) Not WIN9X for sure. Advantage? Hmmm... Web browsing won't really use it much, unless you open multiple windows and picked "make each browser window separate process" as your IE option. C++, doubt the compiler will use it much, and ACAD... Hmmm... Probably. Don't see too much use of dual CPUs there... Though NT will do its best in dividing up the jobs for the two CPUs.
i bought the bord (ABIT BP6), with 2x celeron 466. i think it is a perfect solution.

you will have to run NT or Linux, win9x won't use a second proccessor.

are you sure the two diffrent speed proccessors will work together? i don't know.

the main advantage of a second proccessor is that more work is performed simultaniuosly. it is like using a bigger hose to get water trough at high speed instead of giving the water more speed.

there should be some mathimatical evidence (queueing theory etc) to prove performance issues in comparison to a single processor system.

the main advantage lies in running multiple tasks at once. they me not be executed at the speed of a PIII@600Mhz or a AMD Athlon, but you can run two at a time.

compiling c++ usually happens in one thread -> one cpu. the advantage there is that other progs can keep running.

check out www.bp6.com for some fans

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topkapi, experts at EE.com typically submit their answers as comments.  That way, the question doesn't remain locked until the questioner replies and other experts may comment.  Also, after the questioner is satisfied with the responses he or she can choose which among the experts has most fully answered their question.

I was wondering further whether or not win2000 might be able to support dual processor channeling?
i think it always is the choice of the commentor - or - answerer to decide how he or she answers a question.

is there anything missing from my answer why u don't want to grade it?

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