Opening a Domino (R5) document from a browser into a new browser window

I presently use the @URLOpen in Notes 5 to open up a form.  The form opens and uses the current browser.  I would like the @URLOpen
to open up a brand new browser when the user clicks on the @URLOpen button.  Is this possible.  I know with pure html this is supported
with the "a href" tag using the name attribute.
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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
do this:

The name of the target should be any name that is not similar to an existent frame, in that case Notes will open it in a new browser window.  I think its possible to include the word target in the URL, eg. @URLOpen(" target=\"_blank\"") But it doesnt seem to work all the time and its dependent on the current client version.
johnkeanAuthor Commented:
Very good. Thanks. Any clues on where/how did you find this? I cruised the help databases, and some forums, but didn't have the time and I also wanted to try out asking a question on this Experts Exchange. I had tried your second suggestion before posting the question, w/out luck, so I posted the question.
I completed my R5 certification, the first formula was there on the list of formulas to study for, so I was aware of it actually way back.  One of my friends suggested the other method, but I didnt need to use it since I know of a simpler one with the first formula.
NB also in HTML the name attrib is not used to set the frame, its the target attrib eg <A HREF="" TARGET="_BLANK">
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