how to trigger two different frame pages with one hyperlink

In my web I've got a banner a content and a main frame. Depending of the choosen banner topic (Hyperlink) the content of the content frame changes. At the same time this contend change I would like to achieve, that the content of the main frame also changes depending of the choosen topic. How can I trigger two changes with one click on a banner Hyperlink button. Do I have to implement extra HTML code????
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Likely you will have to implement a JavaScript to change the second frame.  Need more details.  You won't be able to do it with plain HTML.

themrocAuthor Commented:
It's because I would like to use the upper frame to show links like:
profession - hobbies - linklist - etc.
by clicking this topics in the "banner" frame the apearance of the "content" frame on the left shall change. E.G. by clicking hobbies in the "banner frame" a list of topics like badminton, dancing shall apear in the "content" frame on the left. So far so good to do this it is no problem for me. But now the problem at the same time as the content in the left frame change the contend of the "main" frame in the middle shall also change according to the tiggered hyperlink in the upper "banner" fraim.
For excample clicking Hobbies shall change the "content" frame and bring up a special foto in the "main" page.
What kind of html code do I have to write. If it is only posible with Java how do I have to implement it. I never worked with Java before.
Ahh yes the good 'ol two frames trick.
Copy-paste this URL its the best explanation I found.


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themrocAuthor Commented:
I think this answer will solve my problem, thanks for the tip. I will try it the next days
The link is broken.
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