Querying Dates in Access 2000


I'm connecting to an Access 2000 via the Microsoft ODBC driver.  I'm able to
connect to database and query records in string fields, however, I cannot
query date fields due to errors or incorrect query results.  I'm trying to
perform the query in code using Parameters; however, the code below gets the
following error:

procedure TForm1.BitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject);
if srchcriteria.ItemIndex = 1 then
  Query1.SQL.Add('select * from applicantdata applicantdata where (LastName
= :Param1) and (DOB = :Param2)');
  Query1.ParamByName('Param1').AsString := searchname.text;
  Query1.ParamByName('Param2').asDate := strtodate(searchDOB.text); //

Project1 raised exception class EBDEEngineError with General SQL Error.
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Invalid datetime format (null).

The Search Date field is not blank so I'm confused about the null.  Is there
some special way I have to submit dates to Access?  When using the Access
query builder automatically inserts '#'s before an after the date, e.g.,
#1/6/1983#.  Trying to add these values in Delphi generates a type mismatch
error.  Finally, typing:

select * from applicantdata applicantdata where (LastName = "Bennett") and

Directly into the query editor at design time doesn't generate an error, but
no records are returned - when I know there are two records in the database
with this criteria.

What am I doing wrong?  Any suggestions?
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hi d4jaj1,

change this line

  Query1.ParamByName('Param2').asDate := strtodate(searchDOB.text); //

  Query1.ParamByName('Param2').asDateTime := strtodate(searchDOB.text); //
and try again


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