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I found that there are a couple of free webspace provider around... with decent speed as well.. I am thinking about letting my own computer to have a break and migrae all the files to one of these server, But since a lot of the free web space provider (with no pop ups or banner) doesn't have ftp support, the only way to upload files is by the cgi page provided... Anyone out there knows of any software that could do upload to these site, as I don't feel like uploading file by file with a total of 500 files.....

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yvonnesooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can apply for this webspace provider.
it allows ftp and gives 20MB. it doesn't provide banneror pop ups menu.
it allows ftp and gives 999 space.(not sure whether it's MB). no banner or pop up menu.
My page is hosted by Tripod, and Tripod gives support for Microsoft FrontPage. You can use FrontPage to upload all your files to Tripod. I believe that this might work for other free web space providers, however the appearance may not come out as you wanted.
Most free webspace providers don't let you store that type of stuff on their server.

But instead, you can just look for a freewebspace provider that does use ftp and doesn't have ads and popups. Try looking at www.freewebspace.net. It has very good information on many providers that can fit your needs.
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