mail has dissapeared from folders

I am runnng Outlook Express in a W98 system, and yesterdaqy all the mail dissapeared from the mail boxes.   The files are still there and so is folders.nch, but when I click on say the inbox, there are no messages showing.   If I look at the folder properties it shows 10 messages in my inbox and numbers of messages in all the other boxes.   I have tried deleting folders.nch, and re-installing outlook express, but still no messages.   Can anyone help please.

Regards John
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you sure you don't have the option hide read messages switched on ?
goto view/current view/ and click show all messages

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Under view/current view/customize current view there are options that will let you show only certain messages. Check that you dont have a filter applied to the inbox. This has come up within my organization before.
In box 2. View Description you really want only:
For all messages
Show the message.

This way nothing gets filtered.
Good luck.
jcollesAuthor Commented:
Many thanks, I never knew that option existed!
Regards John
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