How can I flag a modified value? (v4.6)

I hope this is easy...

I have a document containing 4 columns.  The first and third columns contain numbers.  In the second and fourth columns I would like to have a "*" appear if a number to the left changes (the criteria for displaying the "*" would be if the number to the left changes anytime after the day the document was created).

How would I do this?  Do I need a separate field with a formula to display the "*" in each cell in my 2nd and 4th columns?  Or does notes have some type of 'offset' method I can use in my 1st and 3rd columns to have the "*" appear in the 2nd and 4th columns.  I really don't want to define any fields in my 2nd and 4th columns since there are many cells involved!

Many thanks in advance!
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Hi Need_Help !

You have to catch hold of the seq No: in the field attributes of the Document.

You can find this in the Document properties info box.  This gives the number of times the field is modified.

(I dont know how you will catch hold of this ! ! !)

Use @Repeat and * to produce the number of asterisk in the view.

Guess you have to create extra fields and some scripts also to obtain this.

Good Luck !


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