the modem that gets no answer

I can't get my modem to connect to any ISP except for AOL (AOL is evil).  I currently have internet access with AOL, so I know my modem works fine, but I want to switch.  However, every time I attempt to dial in to a new ISP, the
following recurring problem happens.  The number is dialed, and I hear the customary modem noises like the server is answering.  However, as soon as the noises are done, there is silence and nothing happens.  After a few seconds, an error message appears saying something to the effect that "there is no answer".  I have been trying to connect to just about anything for about a month, at all times of the day
and night.  I have tried different ISP's (Netzero, Altavista, etc.), and I have tried to use all of the different local numbers they offer.  Nothing.  Zero.  Same result every time.  What is going on?  Could there be a code in AOL's software that blocks me from connecting to someone else?  I was told by someone that the problem is just that the system I am dialing into is just busy at the time.  That is impossible.  I have absolutely called at every conceivable time of day and night, dozens
of different numbers.  Same thing every time.  Besides, I have a friend who lives down the street, he calls the exact same number that I am calling and logs on every time.  He's never had a problem.  Does anybody know what's going on?  Please Help!!  Thank you so much for anything you can do.

P.S. My operating system is Windows 98, 56k modem, 96 megs RAM, 450 MHz, new computer, bla bla bla.
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Do you have to set the DNS numbers with these ISP?
Have you talked to them about your setup?
You need more then just a phone number to dial, you must configure your DUN to their setting, this is impossible for us to tell you the exact setting, you will have to get those from the ISP
Have you deinstalled AOL. It sits in the network bindings on top of everything and seems to completely drivew a system "crazy" if you aren't talking to AOL.

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Be sure to install the TCP/IP protocol,
and bind that to your "Dialup Adaptor".

What's happening is *NOT* a "busy" signal;
it's your computer which is not finding any "protocol" which is compatible with the SLIP (or PPP) protocol which each ISP is using.  So, after a while, since no "common-ground" protocol has been established, the ISP simply "hangs-up" the connection.

Select the "bring-up terminal window after dialing", to see the dialogue between your computer and your ISP, after the two modems have finished their "squawking" negotiations.
First, it sounds like a problem with your dial up networking.  AOL uses it's own propietary dialer and doesn't use window's.  Hence, AOL works fine but nothing else will.

Try this

First, just to start,  go to Start | Run and type SFC, let it scan and if needed, replace files from the CD

Now, uninstall and reinstall Dial Up Networking ( or all comm )
1)  Go to control Panel and double-click add/remove programs
2)  Click on the Windows Setup tab
3)  Double click the word accessories
4)  Remove the check from Communications and hit OK
5)  Hit apply and restart
6)  Repeat the above steps replacing the check on step 4

This wlil uninstall and reinstall DUN and should solve the problem I hope maybe! ;-)
wisejj1Author Commented:
This was part of the problem.  The other part was that I had to adjust the settings on my modem.  Unfortunately I had to call a tech and pay 14.95!
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