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GUI KDE Login Screen disappeared.

I lost power on my RedHat 6.0 installation.  Ever since then the gui KDE login screen that I used to see doesn't come up anymore.  The system was orginally configured to go to runlevel 5 but all that happens is I get the blank gray screen.  I have to Ctrl+alt+bksp to go back to runlevel 3, login and then startx (which works fine), but it's bothering the heck out of me because I can't figure out how to get it back to the way it was.
1 Solution
I'm pretty sure it has to do with the rc.sysinit script in the directory /etc/rc.d  I'm still searching for the correct string to edit but, I'm pretty sure it's an entry in this file.
edit /etc/inittab

You should see an entry like this:


Change the 3 to a 5 and reboot for your display manager to start automatically at boot.

If that's not the problem, please leave a comment. Thanks.

johnb110999Author Commented:
As I stated in my original question, when inittab  is set to runlevel 5, the system tries to go into Xmode but all that happens is a blank grey screen and I have to ctrl+alt+bksp to get back to runlevel 3, login and then type startx.  What's missing is the gui login screen when I boot up.
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Your kdm or .kdmrc may be damaged.  Try this:

when going into terminal mode, login as root and run

       kdm &

or better, if you have the following, then

/etc/rc.d/init.d/kdm start

and see if you get the GUI login screen.

This will determine if kdm/.kdmrc is damaged.
johnb110999Author Commented:
Did the 'kde &' command while in root, got the same thing (which is nothing) as when I boot up in run level 5.  So the kdm file must be damaged as you say.  I looked in the kdm file (/usr/bin/kdm), it was full of gibberish.  Anyone have a good kdm file?  Email address is johnb@polnow.net
Remove the KDE rpm's from the command line.  Reinstal the KDE RPM's and you should be good to go.

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